100% vinyl records upcycling to fancy unique music merchandise products and best music marketing tools worldwide made in Germany.

We upcycle vinyl records to stylish music relatet accessories. TROXXY invended the worlds first business card out of an original vinyl record in the year 2009. Since that day we have created Vinyl Business cards for music managers & creative companys all over the world.

TROXXY Music & Club Cards combines analogue cards with digital content.
What else shows you better the habitus of music as a vinyl record?  Precisely only a vinyl record!

Merchandise, Dog-Tags, Caps with vinyl patches anybody?
Artist, Concert, VIP Passes, Smartphone Bumpers only to name a frew things we did! 

Get in contact with me for some crazy musical marketing  intensions!

From a rebel it's final on TROXXY Vinylz!


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